Tortilla making

Today I ventured to Borough market with Man to get lunch, Man ended up (well he planned on) buying a tortilla press and when we got back to the flat for a tea break (with some matcha biscuits I had made earlier in the week), the idea of tortilla for dinner superseded Nando’s.

The tortilla press in action
The tortilla press in action

This task involved a trip to Tesco to get fajita ingredients and then we were off. The tortillas seemed to be relatively straight forward to make (I left that to James and Man) and I was responsible for the fillings.

Cooking in action
Cooking in action

The tortilla themselves were smaller than anticipated but still big enough for us to fill them and eat them with our hands. It was pretty tasty although next time I’ll definitely be adding more chilli.

The finished product
The finished product

I rounded off the day by seeing Jimmy Carr’s Funny Business show with Man at the Apollo, he was certainly not very politically correct but amusing.


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