Japan – Day 23 – The long trip home

The final blog entry for the trip, it’s actually Tuesday 3rd October as we were both forgot about this.

The morning started off by us waking up for our c9.30am train from Kyoto to Kansai airport. Except after we sat down with our tea and heated up bakery goods, we realised our train only got us into the airport for 1.5 hours before the flight rather than 2.5 hours we thought, our maths had clearly gone wrong when we planned this.

Given the situation, we then dashed around like crazy people, putting the buns into plastic bags and grabbing our bags and going. We felt a bit bad for not leaving a note to our host on the white board on the door but getting to the airport for our flight was more important.

Luckily Japanese public transport is reliable and we managed to get on the train earlier which got us in half an hour earlier than planned. There was an epic queue at the check in desk, we had flown out hand luggage only but with all the purchases we needed to check one bag in. We couldn’t even use the bag drop off only as we had checked in 2 days earlier but the website said we were successful but we needed to visit a desk when we got to the airport.

We finally got to the front and explained about the online check in error, it turns out that Malaysia airlines hadn’t actually checked us in and the assistant then checked us in to completely different seats. Also, she didn’t bother telling us this so we only noticed after looking at our seats. We were a bit peeved.

James wrapped his bag up in a black sack to protect it, it did a surprisingly good job

For the first flight, 6 hours from Osaka to Kuala Lumpa, they say James and I in different rows, despite there being an empty seat next to James and two empty seats behind him. Well done Malaysia airlines, this felt real clever (not).

At least the food was alright, well my chicken and potatoes was terrible but James claims his beef and rice was amazing. They even had ice cream served before landing, it was nice but I hate to think how difficult it was to keep this frozen.

The plane food was as expected, the ice cream was good though

When we landed in Kuala Lumper, we then had 6.5 hours to amuse ourselves. With the seat situation I went and checked where they put us for the next flight, we were in the middle 2 of a row of 4 just in front of the toilets so having limited recline. We were not happy with Malaysia airlines at this point and with so much time we queued up to see if we could change our seats. Turns out they did have 2 free where one was on an aisle so we chose that. Again, the assistants were a bit useless and didn’t inform us this was right next to the toilets. Ah well, what we have learnt is not to trust Malaysian airlines online check in and next time if we got a ‘confirmation’ then we won’t believe it until we have a boarding pass.

KL airport was interesting, there was a jungle walk in the middle so we got to step outside for that but it was hot and humid, and not that big so we it only amused us for a few minutes.

The board walk amused us for a good few minutes

After this, we sat down for a boost drink to help the time go by, they were surprisingly affordable 11 RMB each but when we were sipping them the fruits didn’t taste as fruity as we would like, there was probably the addition on ice/water.

We also had some lunch at the airport, again not a total rip off but still expensive for what it was. I had roast chicken rice which was tasty but very boney and James’ noodle dish had so little noodle that he was still hungry so he ordered chicken satay as well. The skin had been skewered separately as if it was meat so that was a bit disturbing as the skin wasn’t crispy.

Airport food, better than plane food

We then boarded our next flight, by this point it should have been bed time by our body clocks but we forced ourselves to stay awake for a few more hours.

This plane had 2 levels and had a camera which live steamed the take off and landing, it was a bit odd at first and I guess it was for people who wanted to look outside but weren’t next to a window.

We forgot to get photos of the food on the next leg but I know it wasn’t good. We tried to sleep but out of the 2 babies on the flight, one was in front of us. Also, the constant movement of people to the bathroom didn’t help.

We finally landed 30 mins late due to the late take off and got onto the familiar tube. It was nice to be back in mosquito free London. We were both broken and James made his way into work, it would be brutal for him.

We both enjoyed our time away as it meant we got to eat delicious food and see some beautiful sights, we won’t be able to go away for such a long amount of time for a while so we’ll go back to posting about our culinary experiences in our kitchen.

The video of the take off and landing looked like we were following a missile